Most of the chefs have a great desire to open their own food business. And yes, of course some of them who have opened their own restaurants or food chains have become successful entrepreneurs.

But unfortunately some of them fail.

Here I want to make you aware about some key characteristics which will help you to transform from chefs into successful entrepreneurs.

You can consider the following attributes to become successful entrepreneurs

  • Firstly you should have the passion and vision to do the things differently.
  • You should be innovative and convert business ideas into opportunities.
  • You must believe in yourself, work hard with perseverance to achieve business objectives.
  • Undertake Swot analysis to address various business issues.
  • Planning and forecasting should be done to run the business as it is the roadmap.
  • Chefs should always be optimistic and have a positive approach.
  • You must be well equipped to undertake various risks to achieve business goals.
  • Promptness in decision making should also be employed.
  • Chefs should select the right person for the right job and energies the efforts of the team.
  • They must provide a clean, safe and healthy work environment to the work team.
  • As finance is the oil of business lamp, chefs must estimate, allocate and set a budget.
  • Chefs should be analytic and realistic.

A chef’s dream to become a successful entrepreneur cannot be turned into a reality by magic but by determination, hard work and passion.

So I suggest you to take into account the above to live your dreams of an entrepreneur.



Case study of a Peg Measurer

In our everyday life we come across many incidents & experiences.

This is about a customer who bought a peg measurer from our store & started using it in his bar.

As always the bar was open…the evening was just as normal. Suddenly, it was noticed that one of the customers seemed disatisfied about the quantity of drink poured in by the bartender. The bartender tried to calm the situation, but unfortunately the customer wouldn’t agree on anything. Moreover, being a little drunk, he also abused the staff. The staff remained calm even in such a situation – as they are trained to do so even during the most panicky situations. After all, the motive is CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Finally the manager was summoned & the situation was brought under control. After being pacified, the customer sat again for a couple of more drinks. Having finished, he paid the bill & also tipped the bartender and left. Finally, the staff was relaxed & relieved, and the bar was closed as per the working hours.

Next day the bar opened as always. After sometime an inspector from the metrology department suddenly showed up saying that he had received complaints regarding the measurements of drinks and demanded for the certificate of peg measurer. The bar manager was unable to present it as they had not got the required certification done. During interrogation, the manager mentioned that the measurer was stamped with 30/60ml mark and hence was used. The inspector measured that particular peg measurer with a special equipment and found that the size of measurer is perfect. The manager felt quite relieved, more so because he escaped being fined with a challan. The inspector explained the rules and regulations that need to be followed by bar owners and managers. He informed that only the metrology department has a right to certify measurers, irrespective of the measurers having their own markings or not.

So friends, please keep in mind that each and every peg measurer or any other measurement equipment being used to serve the public, should be certified by the metrology department. Getting your measurement equipment certified does not cost much. So please get it done to avoid any such kind of above mentioned circumstances.




My survey with many award winning, world class bar tenders and liquid chefs, revealed the fact that Shot glasses were initially invented to measure spirits.

And in this blog series, I will disclose the various uses of Shot Glass.

Nowadays these glasses are used in numerous ways.

For example: one-serve drink, where the customers gulp the drink at one shot. And that is why it is called a, “Shot Glass”.

Shot glasses are available in different sizes. Glasses of different sizes are used in different countries. In India, normally 30 ml and 60 ml glasses are used. In Europe, people use 20 ml and 30 ml for small peg but for the large peg, they usually use 40 and 60 ml shot glass.

Apart from this, these glasses have multiple uses.

For instance, it can be used to serve portions of some dessert.

So, yes, it’s all about how you wish to use the glass, be it some drink or a dessert.

However, I always follow the success mantra that -for any hospitality business, customer satisfaction is an instrument for building profitable business. And the bartenders must have the freedom to use the shot glass to serve any drink. It should be left to them to decide the use of the shot glass as per the needs of each customer.



Why are Teflon Coated Utensils unsafe for cooking?

Why are Teflon Coated Utensils restricted from use of cooking?

As per my survey conducted with some of the scientists and data gathered from world class research institutions, it is ascertained that Teflon was actually invented for the automobile industry. It was used for anti-greasing treatment of metal to prevent them from rusting.

One unique quality of Teflon is to repel water and oil –i.e. non stick coating.

Such utensils require little oil or butter, making it a healthy way to cook food. At the same time Teflon coated cookware is convenient to clean.

So people started using utensils with Teflon coating for everyday cooking due to this unique water repelling property.

The non-stick coating is perfect for flipping pancakes, turning sausages, frying eggs and also useful for cooking delicate foods that might otherwise stick to the pan.


The fact is –

This is a completely non food grade material and using such non-stick cookware is very harmful for health. During the cooking process, Teflon coatings starts to breakdown, releasing toxic chemicals and sometimes small particles which are poisonous get mixed with the food and directly enter our body with the food intake. This is linked to serious health conditions such as thyroid disorders, chronic kidney disease cancer, infertility, etc.

All said and done, Teflon cookware is healthy and convenient way to cook your food but as per my studies, such information is nothing but a good marketing strategy.