About Us

Grand Empire, a Goa-based venture, was established in 2015 under the parent company S.K Empire EXIM Pvt. Ltd (launched in 2006). Having conducted a thorough market study on the needs and concerns of the hospitality industry in India, we discovered that Goa had a significant gap in supply and services. Despite being a popular tourism destination, we realized that the hospitality industry in Goa was not being properly served.

To address this gap, we launched our first store in Goa in a small 120 sq. m. area. This allowed us to have close interactions with our clients and professionals and gather valuable feedback. Armed with this information, we were able to provide the best products and services to help boost revenues with competitive pricing.

As we continued to analyze the market through in-depth surveys and studies conducted by our consultant, Mr. Prashant, we came to the realization that in order to achieve our long-term goals and vision, it was necessary for us to expand our operations. So in 2016, with a team of 11 members, we made the decision to move to a larger 250 sq. m display area. Today, our dynamic and dedicated team of 25 members is able to effectively serve our clients from our spacious 750 sq. m facility. Through this strategic growth, we have been able to position ourselves as a leading player in the industry and continue to strive toward achieving our ultimate vision.

Further, in order to adapt to the evolving digital infrastructure and meet the needs of our customers, we made the decision to enter the digital space in 2018. This has allowed us to expand our reach and connect with a wider customer base. We also established a comprehensive delivery network to ensure that our products are easily accessible to our clients. Additionally, we have introduced a range of products for home chefs and individual households in various supermarkets, as well as a special line of bakeware, to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Currently, our extensive network caters to the HoReCa industry, hotel suppliers, supermarkets, and retail stores. Further, by participating in trade fairs, we are able to connect with our clients, gather their feedback, and strengthen our brand presence in the market. This allows us to continuously improve and meet the evolving needs of our clients.

At Grand Empire, we strive to deliver excellence in both our products and service. To ensure that we are able to provide the best experience for our clients, our team undergoes training with highly skilled coaches to develop their expertise and abilities. This allows us to effectively meet the needs of our clients and deliver superior service.

As a trusted and valued brand among professionals, Grand Empire is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professionalism. Our outlets in Patna, Goa, Mumbai, and Delhi are here to serve you more closely, and we are actively working to expand our presence to other key cities in India.

Today, Our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of our business, and we are proud to be the trusted choice for professionals who demand the best.