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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

For Rental Service:


1. Payment shall be made of the full rental amount at the time of pick up.

2. Rental rates are charged on "per day basis' for everyday the item/s is taken on rent.

3. In case of breakage or loss of the rented item/s, it will be considered as sale of the broken or lost rented item/s. A sale bill will be generated for the same and the balance amount shall be paid by the person taking the rented item/s.

4. The rented item/s must be returned in the same condition as it was at the time of pick up.

5. The person taking the item/s on rent must also ensure that the rented item/s are clean and in hygienic condition while returning the same.


-- Rented item/s will not be accepted at the time of return if it does not conform to the above mentioned conditions.

-- Delivery and pickup may be arranged by the renter company if the person taking the item/s on rent is ready to pay the delivery charges.


--We strongly recommend not to accept any goods from the renter company if the same are not clean and hygienic.


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