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Triple S - Stainless Steel Straws

April 18, 2019
How many of you want to live? Ok, hold on. That’s a question which has an obvious answer. Let me rephrase that; how many of you want to live a healthy life? If you thought, “Of course I do!” then let me ask you; what are you doing...

Tom Collins

December 27, 2018
Why and for what kind of a drink are Tom Collins glasses required? in my this blog series today I am going to talk about one very famous kind of glass. As per my discussions with many bartenders, in the current competitive and modern market trend...

Case study of a Peg Measurer

December 14, 2018
Case study of a Peg Measurer   In our everyday life we come across many incidents & experiences. This is about a customer who bought a peg measurer from our store & started using it in his bar.   As always the bar was...


May 21, 2018
WHISKY IN A SHOT Relax! We are not suggesting you to have a shot of whisky. But if you are looking to get a Shot and Sweet Distilled summary of the history of Whisky (which is older than India’s struggle for freedom), you have arrived at the right...

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